Dicronite Dry Lubrication

  • Dicronite dry lubrication increases the performance of bearings, gears, shafts, fasteners, connectors, sleeves, and other rotating/sliding components in extreme conditions. Eliminating fretting/galling, Dicronite dry lubrication is AMS2530/Mil Spec. DOD-85645A type I, RoHS & ISO-10993 compliant.
  • Functional Properties: Coefficient of Friction from 0.03, Temperature Range -350 F to +1000 F, Load Capacity -  Same as substrate  (Up to 350,000 psi).
  • Physical Properties: Thickness 0.000020 inch, (0.5 microns) Maximum, No Curing, Non-Magnetic, does Not Affect Electrical Properties.

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Developed as part of NASA’s space exploration program, Dicronite® dry lubrication is the proven trusted dry lubrication technology for the aerospace, plastics molding, medical devices, mechanical equipment, semiconductor and food processing industries. The Dicronite dry lubrication process complies with DOD-L-85645A and SAE AMS 2530A specifications as well as many company specific specifications.

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